Today we are celebrating Valentino’s first Christmas with us, his first Christmas with a family to call his own!  When we first saw Valentino online, we knew we had to meet him.  Wade’s grandfather’s name is Valentino; we thought that was a good sign that he belonged in our family.  We were told he showed signs of aggression towards other dogs and we were worried about our little girl Weim, Chloe, but that didn’t stop us from our desire to meet Valentino or, as we had already nicknamed him, little Val.

When we met Val, it was love at first sight.  That may sound cliché but it’s true!  I kneeled down to greet him and he buried his head right in my lap.  My heart melted as I thought, how could this be the aggressive, troubled dog they told us about?  Wanting to make sure this was a good fit, we took Val and Chloe on a walk together and in typical dog fashion, they were indifferent to each other.  No signs of aggression was a good thing!  We met other dogs that day but in the end, we knew Valentino was the missing part of our family.

Valentino has done an amazing job settling in to his new home.  He does all of the mischievous things that we would expect from a four-year old Weim—stealing butter off the counter, sticking to us like Velcro as we try to get dressed, and escaping out the front door whenever somebody knocks.  In the end, none of those things matter.  Our little Val is the perfect companion and addition to fill the void that was left when our old beloved Smokey passed away (January).  It has been less than two months since Val’s adoption, but already we look at him and think, how did we get so lucky?  How did this amazing dog not find a forever home before us?  I think the answer is that he was just waiting for us to come and get him.  It’s a match made in heaven.


Saturday, February 7, 2015 7:51:00 AM


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