I adopted Murphy last spring. Just wanted to drop a line and a few pictures to tell you that we couldn't be happier with our boy. We have had some real challenges along the way (swallowing an expensive running sock whole, chewing apart his bed, barking in the backyard) but slowly he has become more obedient and recently we have really realized just how content he has become with us, especially since we work opposite shifts now so someone is always home with him. I can't imagine what my day would be like if I couldn't see that wagging nub of his when I walk in the door, or take him for a run, or have him lay his head on my lap when we are relaxing together. Now that we know how wonderful it is to share our home with a weim, we are actually looking for a brother or sister for Murphy to share the house with. He loves to play with other dogs, but we don't take him to the dog park too often; we would love for him to have someone to play with more often.

Thursday, December 20, 2012 11:07:00 AM


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