We adopted Blue in May 2008. I needed a new running buddy and my husband, having grown up with Weimars, convinced me they made wonderful pets. Because we were coming from Gunnison to Denver to meet our new potential family member, we requested to see specific dogs. Blue was not among those requested. I believe his description online included information about being adopted and returned several times. Although there were many beautiful and energetic Weims to choose from, Blue captured our attention with his good looks, smaller stature and mellow personality. Besides, he followed us around the dog park with those droopy ears and big, pleading Weim eyes. Blue is ALL Weim! After visits to the vet for a hurt paw (fence jumping repercussions), a sliced tongue (finding a recycled can with a ragged edge) and numerous adventures in counter-surfing, we all decided it was a good thing he was a lovey with a great personality. Blue started his life in our home a little aloof but now, true to the breed, he?s the ultimate Velcro dog ? he?s under the impression that he?s a petite lap dog. Once he trained me that we?d be better running partners without a leash, our runs have become companionable events for both of us. Blue has adapted to his mountain life quite nicely. He loves a good hike, loves running by the lake (the world?s largest water dish) and, I?m sure, will adapt to x-country skiing this winter. We are so glad he?s a part of our family. It?s hard to imagine life without all his snuggling, tail-wagging and antics. Thanks Mile High Weimaraner Club for finding homes for these beautiful dogs, and thanks for bringing Blue to the park visit! He?s a great addition to our home.

Best regards,
The Luekenga Family

Thursday, December 20, 2012 10:57:00 AM


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