Okra —  10/23/2017

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Gender F
Status UnAvailable
Age 4 Year(s) Old
Color Blue
Location Denver
Fee $300.00
Okra is a beautiful 4.5 year old female blue weim. She is healthy, affectionate, smart, athletic and will always want to be by your side! She is a huge cuddle-bug, loves roaming and sniffing out open spaces, she gets excited to go for walks and to play fetch with a chuck-it stick and ball. Okra knows several basic commands and I’m positive she would be eager to learn more! With a treat in hand, she will sit, stay, shake, spin, and lay down. She is definitely an alpha-female and would probably do best as a single dog in a household. She needs to be moderately exercised for at least 20-30 min a day. She keeps her teeth in tip-top shape by chewing on sticks and fallen branches. She covers herself in blankets before bedtime, sleeps belly-up on the couch, steadily howls to the sound of an ambulance or fire truck passing by. She can be anxious and needy at times (quite common with her breed) but with time, patience, and proper training, she will be making strides in the right direction.