Zoey —  09/01/2017

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Gender F
Status UnAvailable
Age 7 Year(s) Old
Color Blue
Location Denver
Fee $250.00
Zoey is a super sweet girl! She is fantastic in the house. She is a velcro dog, always wanting to be by your side or if out hiking off leash in view of you, which is fantastic. If you sit down she will instantly want to crawl up into your lap. When not hiking her favorite spot is on the couch with someone! She knows her basic commands but is still learning her leash manners. She loves going for car rides and just basically loves to be around you as much as possible. She sleeps through the night in her bed and does not get up until she hears that we are awake. If we are not ready we simply say go back to bed, after a few pets she goes back to her bed. She is great at bathroom time. We do not have a fence so we let her out and stand by the door, she goes out and does her business then comes back. We are never afraid that she will run away because she is so attached to her people. She did play with some kids and was great. She is a bit hyper at times so maybe not best around really little kids that don't understand if they walk around with a cookie in their little hand right in front of her nose she is going to take the treat! But she was gentle when there was not food around.