Max- 2001-2011 

MaxMax was only supposed to stay for the weekend until a more permanent foster home could be found. Max stole our hearts and stayed with us for the rest of his life. He was always a happy boy who loved his treats and loved going for rides in his truck. No matter what, Max was always excited and happy to see us return, even if our trip was only to the curb and back. The squirrels in the back yard can now rest a little easier. Max will be missed by us all.

~Cathy and Charlie Jernigan ~


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Ezmi- July 16th, 2010 

EzmiEzmi and her best buddy Ian the Vizsla were 15 years old when they lost their home in a divorce. Due to extreme neglect they both had numerous (preventable) health issues from which they could not recover. Their foster families cared for them both lovingly up until the very end and volunteers were with both dogs as they passed away peacefully. Thanks to the volunteers of MHWR, Ezmi and Ian got to experience kindness and love as they entered into their final journey.
Ezmi we know your heart and soul have found peace and comfort at last, we love you!

~MHWR Volunteers~ 


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Blue Angel- July 12th, 2010 

Blue AngelI was Angel's foster mom & it was my honor to foster her-she was 100% part of our family & so very loved & will always be in our hearts. Sweet Angel cowered that first day when I met her, didn't know how to walk thru a doorway into our home so we carried her. She didn't know it was good take treats from our hands, she was scared of everything new. Each day she grew stronger, braver, more curious & soon her little tail was wagging instead of tucked away. Soon she licked chicken from my hand & trotted on walks instead of crawling, she perked up when she heard the jingle of a leash, knew the sound of the treat bag, the rattle of her food bowl, & she LOVED cuddling! She'd sleep with her head on my chest each night & wake me with gentle kisses(& she could snore with the best of 'em!). She loved her foster siblings & they miss her terribly. She enjoyed the dog park, long walks, lounging in the doggy pool & belly rubs. I am thankful to everyone at Mile High Weim Rescue for letting me know & love my sweet Angel.

Angel...I love you my sweet girl. I will always be with you.

~Shereen Raucci~

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Riley Herman- 2010 

RileyLast week we had to say good-bye to our beloved Riley. We adopted Riley from MHWC Rescue in December 2005. His sweet personality and charm made us laugh and smile each and every day. He was an active guy who loved to hike, run and chase balls (because fetching meant he had to bring the ball back to us). But he also loved to soak up the sun shining in the back door in his favorite position - on his back with four paws in the air. Based on the number of calls, texts, Facebook messages, cards and even flowers, he was loved by one and all. His "grandparents" wrote "...even when we hadn't seen him for a while, he always greeted us warmly, wagging his tail and looking for a moment of affection. I guess maybe you could attribute that to just being a dog, but we thought Mr. Riles was special." We miss Riley dearly and know he is footloose and pain-free in the mountains above. Riley was our first weim but he won't be our last.
Rest in peace, "Handsome."

~Lowell & Lisa Herman~


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Von Inx Lady Hannas-"Taylor" 2010 Memorium 

TaylorWords cannot express the feelings I have as I type this. It was 7yrs ago today that my big grey girl crossed the Bridge, She was an amazing Weim, My Life at the time was a real mess. Trying to raise 2 girls on my own, making enough money to support the girls & myself let alone a dog, But Taylor never cared. She was always there, My Best Friend, then after a few year this got better, where was Taylor right there, we Hunted , did water sports, went camping, never left home without the Grey Girl. She helped with the raising of my girls, was a great guard dog, most of all if I was down or not feeling well, she was right there. She was large by most standards, 27-28 in tall , weight always perfect, coat soft & shiny. In her later years I taught her how to Detect Drugs. She acted more like a tomboy than a female dog. So to you My Best Friend I say I miss you ! Hope life is good there, I know you will be waiting at the Gate with, Brandy( I Setter), Kelley( GoldenX), Horse( Lab-Shep), Zeus-(G.Dane), Zeus(Weim) ,Tucker (GASP), Brady(CoonHound) ,Minnie Pearl.( Dach)

~We Miss You All-Lisa-Sarah-Stephanie-Alison~

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Jesse James- 2010 

Jessie JamesA best buddy to his "weim sister" Smokey and to his human foster brother Tristan, he was loved by all! He liked to take short daily walks, and was a great best friend. He was a mellow fellow who loved to doze in the sun or lounge by the fireplace. Jesse held the record for being in rescue for the longest amount of time. He came to MHWR on 1/16/08 and went to his new home in March 2010 at age 12. Everyone who met Jesse loved him. We take comfort in knowing that Jesse finally found his forever home and was with his new family when he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

~We love you Jesse James~

Jessie James

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Shadow- formerly Blue Shadow- 2010 

ShadowShadow took a turn for the worse as his kidneys failed and he died in my arms Monday afternoon. It was very hard on us and we miss our "big boy" terribly but are thankful for the time we had together. He was the best dog ever for us. I do want to thank you for all you do at Weim rescue, Weims are the greatest!

~Loved and missed by his adoptive family~

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Kaisha- 2009 In Remembrance 

KaishaKaisha died just his past Fall after 15 glorious years. Born in Delta, CO and enjoyed an active life in Boulder. I feel blessed to have had such a good friend. I miss her dearly.

~Dave Smith~

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Aspen-November 24th, 2009 

AspenI felt it appropriate to write a note about our dear Aspen. She was not a rescue but had two rescue brothers. Aspen was our first experience with a Weim. We did our research on dogs and matched up well with the Weims. Little did I know that she would soon be more a family member than we could ever imagine. She had a rescue partner for 12 years when sadly Snickers was diagnosed with bone cancer and was laid to rest in February of 2008. Aspen was lost without a mate so we rescued Tucker (formerly known as Gus) less than a month later. A year later we added a Weim pup that she gladly barked at to tell him when he was in her way, however, she did really like having him around and being the boss of the house. Sadly, Aspens hind legs started to fail and we made the heart wrenching decision to lay her to rest on November 24th, 2009. She will forever be our first but certainly not our last Weim. RIP dear girl.

~Loved and missed by The Gray’s~

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Lady, 1997-Dec 24, 2009 

LadyLady was our second Weim rescue. She was on death row at the Denver Dumb Friends League because she could jump 6 foot fences. We had a large fenced and roofed kennel in our back yard and we were looking for a female Weim to replace our beloved Helga. Lady suffered from separation anxiety and would jump fences to go look for her people. When we adopted her in August 1998 she was a year old. She was malnourished, her front legs had permanently skewed out elbows. She was a very active, yet loving dog. She was never far from our side. We thought we lost her in May of 2009 when she fell and had minimal use of her back legs. With acupuncture and “Lorenzo’s Oil” (God Bless Dr. Guerney in Aspen Park) she recovered somewhat and bravely carried on until late December when nothing seemed to work and she couldn't move and refused to eat. It was time for her to go over the Rainbow Bridge where she will join the pack of our other beloved Weims (Fritz, Helga, Gunther, Blue 1, and Boo-Boo (Blue 2)). With aching hearts we knew that only another Weim could fill, we recently adopted “Penny” (formerly Praer) from the rescue. She has quickly filled the void left by Lady and has lightened our hearts. Thank you Mile High Weimaraner Rescue for all you do.

~Donna Nuce and Ed Geron~

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