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Ellie - February 2003 - 2 years old 

EllieFor the past six months my little Ellie had become my daily companion, my focus, and my friend. Yesterday afternoon, she left our company to move on to the other side. I like to think of her playing with our yellow Lab Libby. Or, maybe at this moment, my mom is scratching her soft ears and giggling at the funny way Ellie tips her head. Either way, Ellie is no longer in pain.

It has been said that the number of years is not a measure of a life well lived. How we live each day is the true yard stick. I would like to think this is true with animals as well. Ellie lived each day with joy and love. Her spirit was undeniably and unconditionally good and loving. Although I wish I would have had her for a longer period of time, I feel fortunate to have had her during what was a critical transition time in my life. She leaves this world reminding me, and all of us I guess, that life is short--make the best of each day--enjoy the little things--and give as much love as you possibly can--because in the end, that's the true measure of a life well lived.

Both Ellie and I have been blessed to have had great people supporting us during these previous months. Ellie will be missed by her "co-workers" here at Sounds True, by my family who got to meet her over the holidays, by her foster family who did such a great job with her before I got her, and by all of her other friends who have enjoyed petting and playing with her silky ears. Most of all, she will be missed by me.

Thanks for all of your love and support.
(and Ellie in heaven)

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