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Charlie - 2013 

When we met for her for the first time we were picking her up from a shelter in Dodge City KS, 6 months old and terrified of the world. Our first rescue dog(thank you Penny for taking a chance on us!) this little sweetheart taught us so much. The first 2 years were a little rough while we helped her cope with her separation anxiety, however the next 14 years were smooth sailing. She never did any of the other naughty things that silly weims do like counter surfing or running away when the gate opens.......she was our angel.

Charlie survived her sister Chloe(her soul mate) and her brother Hunter, she grew old so gracefully, even taking lung cancer in stride. We said goodbye to our sweet girl 2 months shy of her 16th birthday. We will always love her and be thankful for the love and joy she brought to our lives.

With Love,
The Sagliani Family

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